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Every Child is an Individual....
 they all learn at a different rate with different learning style.  We specialise in tayloring learn to swim lessons to meet your child's needs for learning to swim.  Each individual child is assessed, through observing their abilities and speaking with their parents.  A lesson plan is then created  for learning to swim to meet your childs needs, monitoring and supervision of each child thus ensures the child will  achieve and progress  to the next skill level.

Near Drowning Experience
We can help almost anyone overcome their fear of the water.  This is especially so with those who have had  a near drowning experience.  Annette draws on her extensive experience to help overcome their fear.  Annette's technique is supportive and encouraging  in helping them gain confidence in the water  and then learning to swim in the shortest possible time.

Annette's own child is a severe asthmatic thus Annette has extensive involvement in this area of special needs teaching.   Often asthmatic children fear the water simply because of their fear of not being able to breath in the water.  This can be overcome as the lesson progresses and the child learns to control their breathing  in the learn to swim program,  whilst gaining skills to have fun in the water.

Lack of Confidence
Quite often the only thing stopping a child from going in to the water is their lack of self confidence.  Annette draws on her extensive experience to determine the cause.  Together with her encouragement, their self confidence is soon returns.  This helps your child not only in the pool but also in all facets of their daily lives.  It is a small thing to be able to swim but it can contribute hugely in their personal growth and ambitions for life.

Annette's Swim School
71 Warrah Road
Hallsville NSW 2340
Phone: 6761 7427

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